Brodsworth Hall – English Heritage Statue Cleaning

English Heritage have recently held an event at one of their properties; Brodsworth Hall – Enchanted Gardens.  As part of the show and the exhibition of the splendid Victorian gardens some of the marble statues were sensitively cleaned and conserved by Inspire Conservation.

The marble statues were cleaned and consolidated with St Astiers Lithomex repair mortar, NHL mortar and lime shelter coats.  The statues really set off the approach road to the house and are now set for the winter months and the next few years.

This is what English Heritage had to say about Inspire Conservation:

“Widespread biological growth had been building up on the surface of these fine Italian sculptures.  They were also in need of some sensitive repair to safeguard their condition over the coming winter.  Inspire Conservation gently cleaned the statues, assessed their condition and then made some necessary lime repairs.  The appearance of the sculptures was transformed and can now be fully appreciated by weekend visitors to Brodsworth Hall.  Inspire’s work also means that the statues are now in a much more stable condition to face the winter.”


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