Buckingham; Radcliffe centre church porch conserved

The Radcliffe Centre in Church Street was built as a Congregational Chapel and completed in 1857 to the designs of Foster and Wood of Bristol. It was enlarged in 1879 by the addition of a Sunday School, being the extension to the right with the red tiled roof. It later became surplus to requirements and was bought by The University of Buckingham in 1982 and converted into a lecture and concert venue.

Inspire Conservation have now conserved the porch on Church Street as it was damaged by a passing lorry on the narrow street, which included carving new stone elements and rebuilding the walls and consolidation.  Various stones were salvaged and reused where they were not severely broken or weathered.  Other elements including the copings, kneeler and blocking stones were carved anew and put in situ after extensive consolidation and pinning repairs.  All repairs were executed in lime mortar to match the original work and stone face repairs in Lithomex repair mortar.

A fantastic project in the home counties using our in house masons who have an extensive knowledge of the locality and the various stones and techniques employed by local masons.  A credit to the stone masons who undertook this project to schedule and on programme with the utmost of professionalism.

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