Condition survey and upcoming project on decorative historic interior


Inspire Conservation have completed a comprehensive condition survey and treatment recommendation plan for another new client, PWR events, who organise well known events including Hampton Court Festival from their head office in London.  Their head office building is known as the Brick House or Grove House in Hampton and has an interesting history and a very unique Moorish interior scheme in one of the rooms within it.

Inspire Conservation were sought to undertake a condition survey on the interior and conduct treatment trials to ascertain the most appropriate cleaning and consolidation treatments and techniques.  The walls are clad in fibrous plaster panels in the Moorish style and richly decorated with paints and gold leaf.  The design is taken from the 19th century architect and researcher Owen Jones and prints from ‘Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details of the Alhambra’.  The interior is one of the first examples of a whole prefabricated interior design ordered from a catalogue in the UK.  The ceiling is a lavishly decorated dome with unique Moorish patterns and references to the Islamic Quran.

Michael Sheppard conducted the survey and found some interesting and enlightening discoveries including the original door surround which was hidden beneath a later restoration attempt.  Inspire Conservation look forward to working with the client again later in the year to undertake the treatment programme and fully conserve and restore the interior to its original splendour.

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