Free report with War memorial restoration before November 2013


Inspire Conservation are proud to be involved in so many war memorial restoration projects in the UK and we take great pride in these unique and community based monuments as they are normally the centre of local populations who strive to conserve and restore these little gems.

As we are getting close to the centennial celebrations for the first world war we thought we would help out caretakers of these fabulous monuments with a special offer.  So if you are in a parish council or know of a war memorial in need of some TLC then we can help.

As part of our restoration service we include a report which records the condition of the memorial before and after treatment.  Included in the report is a full treatment specification and recommendations for repair and a log of the repairs undertaken.  This information is highly valuable and helps inform future custodians of previous interventions and provide an historical condition report.  We also include maintenance recommendations so that the custodians of the memorial can ensure the long term stability and care of the monument, without sometimes costly conservation programmes being repeated unnecessarily.

We usually charge £200.00 for this comprehensive report but we are going to offer it for free for all war memorials that are instructed to us before the day of remembrance on November 11th 2013.  Please mention the code ‘Centennialoffer’ to be eligible for the offer.

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