Inspire Stonemasons Hertfordshire

Building Conservations & Restorations

Building conservation is a general term for the sensitive repair and restoration of buildings and historic structures. Many trades, crafts and professionalism are required to conserve a whole building, especially listed and historic buildings that have unique and exact requirements.

Stone Restoration & Conservation

Buildings have many years of particulate pollution and weathering effects apparent on their façades which can cause various problems including decayed stonework, structural issues and ingress of water in to the interior. There are not many ways of stopping the weathering effects on buildings but the results can be removed and the problems delayed and even mitigated completely.

War Memorial Restoration, Conservation & Cleaning

There are approximately 70,000 war memorials in the UK and we are proud to say that we restore, repair and clean numerous war memorials nationwide. The services that we provide include:

- War memorial cleaning
– DOFF steam cleaning
– TORC particulate cleaning
– Poultice cleaning and specialist chemical cleaning
– War memorial repairs in stone and lime mortars
– Letter cutting and letter definition
– Gilding

Lime Plasters & Renders

Lime Plaster and render are internal and external finishes which are applied to decorate and to provide a suitable protection to the main building fabric. There are a variety of finishes and techniques for the application and finishing of plasters and renders.

We also do Lime Mortar construction
and Lime Mortar restoration.

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