Housesteads stones for English Heritage

Housesteads is the best-known fort on Hadrian’s Wall and the most complete Roman fort in Britain, currently maintained by English Heritage.  Set where Hadrian’s Wall climbs to the top of a dramatic ridge, there are some stunning views to enjoy from the walls of this ancient fortress. Housesteads was one of the permanent forts added to the Wall around AD 124, as part of a second plan for the new frontier.  Known to the Romans as ‘Vercovicium’, ‘the place of effective fighters’, Housesteads was garrisoned by around 1,000 infantry.

Housesteads Roman Fort’s new museum opens to visitors this April. The existing museum building at this iconic Roman Fort has been redeveloped and will include some new exhibitions taken from the EH northern area archaeological store.  Inspire Conservation were invited by English Heritage to conserve the selection of Roman finds for this exhibition in the store.  The stones include a carved relief of Diana, architectural column, carved window lintels and other carved decorative stones.

Inspire sensitively cleaned, consolidated and repaired the stones making them fit for exhibition and removing previous interventions that were detrimental to the fabric or aesthetically displeasing.  We have included some photographs below of the carvings and the work undertaken.

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