Lansdowne Club – Traditional stone mason conservation and restoration

The Lansdowne club, Mayfair – London, has recently received a façade clean and Inspire Conservation was subcontracted to complete the specialist stone mason elements.  The Lansdowne Club is originally a 1763 Robert Adam design which has been later rebuilt and restored at various times and locations.  In 1782 the Prime minister Lord Shelburne, acknowledged independence of the United States with Benjamin Franklin in the Round room, which is the only unaltered room in the building.  The stone masonry construction is Portland limestone with portico and decorative traditional stone mason carved frieze.  The frieze has been conserved many times and there are several previous sheltercoat applications and repair mortars.

We were instructed to repoint the façade, restore failed stone masonry elements including the modillions and plinth stones.  There were various  mortar grouting applications, resin and stainless steel pin repairs conducted by our stone masons to stabilise the façade and ensure reduced damage by movement over the next decade.  We have included some photographs below showing our stone masonry works to this historic building.

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