Lime Plasters

Lime putty can be added to various other products to create delicate finishes like traditional paints and plasters.

Lime plaster and render is generally a lime putty derived product which contains both coarse aggregates and natural fibres for the backing coats and fine aggregates for the top or setting coats. They can be applied to various backgrounds including timber lathe (chestnut lathe, oak lathe or larch lathe) and solid backgrounds like stone work and brickwork. As a general rule, the harder the background the harder the mortar can be and always working from a harder backing coats to softer setting coats.

Fibrous plasters are historically lime putty and casting plaster (plaster of Paris). They are either applied directly to the wall or ceiling and run “in situ” with horses and other templates or can be cast in moulds on a bench. The plasters set quickly due to the casting plaster and so the use of hessian and jute scrims are applied to reinforce the plaster. The casts are then removed from the moulds to produce the beautiful and elegant mouldings that were so common in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a very lightweight plaster compared to other lime mortar and plaster applications.

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