Local building gets funding for building restoration

It was noted this week in the local press that the windmill at Bradwell, Milton Keynes has finally received funding for the much needed restoration and conservation work required to save this unique historic structure.  Many people who think of Milton Keynes do not consider its rich heritage and focus on the grid road system and roundabouts (which might I add are brilliant and we do not have the congested traffic of older road systems!), but there is an abundance of local heritage which should be celebrated.

Fortunately for the windmill funding of £140.000 will be made available to restore it to become another visitor attraction for the new town.  Once completed the conservation work will deliver a protected and modernised mill able to better deliver important social and educational benefits to the local community.  Milton Keynes Museum is involved in the project and their director Bill Griffiths commented saying that “Restoring this Victorian Mill to its former glory will provide a very special attraction and should help secure the future of this significant part of our local heritage.  The museum is proud to be involved in a project that fits its aims so well”

The original article was published in the MKNews. #

Bradwell Windmill

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