Lime Plasters and Renders

Plaster and render are internal and external finishes which are applied to decorate and to provide a suitable protection to the main building fabric. There are a variety of finishes and techniques for the application and finishing of plasters and renders.

Inspire Conservation work with lime based plasters and renders for traditional building. We can apply a selection of plasters and renders suitable for new installation or repair of old surfaces. We employ time served plasters and renders who have extensive experience in traditional techniques and materials. This can be for performing traditional lath and plaster, harling render or other modern systems with lime mortars.


Plaster key

It may prove effective to use a modern alternative to lath and plaster using Hemp boards and other equivalents. We have extensive access to the use of modern sympathetic designed systems and can offer advice for the use of them. We would always ensure that one of our manufacturers of the systems were able to have a level of input in to the design process so that everyone on the project was satisfied that it was to standard and specification.

Inspire have undertaken modern building works with traditional finishes and repair of older surfaces. Our customers include private clients, English Heritage, conservation architects, conservation surveyors, the Railway Heritage Trust and others.

External render

Harling render








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