Specialist Decoration

There are thousands of decorative interiors within the listing buildings across the UK which are of significant importance and interest. These sometimes fragile and delicate finishes can be cleaned and conserved and in some instances restored to their former glory if sensitively worked upon by trained and qualified conservators.  These specialist skills can breathe new life into these interiors which mean that the original opulence is restored and the public or owner can enjoy them for what was intended once more.

Here at Inspire we carefully and sensitively conserve and restore decorative interiors and specialist decorative schemes in just this way.  We clean and consolidate delicate painted and gilded surfaces, conserve and restore painted decoration in the original media and can uncover original schemes for interpretation and analysis.

We recognise that sometimes we will require another specialist to assist us with our projects and will employ other external specialists to undertake paint sample analysis and decorative scheme and material interpretation to support our work.  This way we can all be certain that the correct prognosis is given and the scheme can be conserved correctly by our team.

Please contact us on 01908 586661 or email us at info@inspireconservation.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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