Stone Cleaning and Restoration

Buildings have many years of particulate pollution and weathering effects apparent on their façades which can cause various problems including decayed stonework, structural issues and ingress of water in to the interior. There are not many ways of stopping the weathering effects on buildings but the results can be removed and the problems delayed and even mitigated completely.

Cleaning stone buildings is not merely an aesthetic consideration but is vital in removing the decaying mechanisms from the surface which have a far greater impact than whether people think the building looks better clean or not. When dirt is fixed to the stone surface it can manifest as carbonates, sulphates and nitrates which decay and erode the stone surface and cause deterioration of stone units and the mortars which essentially hold the building together.

Cleaning beforeCleaning after

Inspire Conservation clean stone structures with various systems to help remove these deteriorating surfaces. Stone monuments, buildings, statues and façades can all be cleaned with the appropriate technique depending on whether they are interior or exterior and the sensitivity of the substrate.

Stone Cleaning and Restoration Techniques / Systems We Use:

– Specialist poulticing
– Specialist chemical cleaning
– DOFF steam system cleaning
– TORC particulate cleaning system
– Sympathetic cleaning of delicate stone
– Conservation cleaning of painted stone and gilded surfaces
– Paint removal from stone and brick surfaces

DOFF cleaning

Poultice cleaning

This is what English Heritage had to say about Inspire Conservation:

“Widespread biological growth had been building up on the surface of these fine Italian sculptures. They were also in need of some sensitive repair to safeguard their condition over the coming winter. Inspire Conservation gently cleaned the statues, assessed their condition and then made some necessary lime repairs. The appearance of the sculptures was transformed and can now be fully appreciated by weekend visitors to Brodsworth Hall. Inspire’s work also means that the statues are now in a much more stable condition to face the winter.”

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