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Statue conservation and cleaning in Harrogate, Yorkshire

Restored statues
  Inspire Conservation have completed a project for another local authority, this time in Yorkshire. We were instructed to clean and consolidate the marble statues that were donated to the town and have been recently situated in the town centre.  The statue has been a topic of debate with the locals as some love it and others have their reservations, but I’m sure you agree that there is a massive improvement following the repairs .

Funding for the restoration for your war memorial

Memorial cleaned
If you are a custodian of a war memorial or have one in your village or town which requires attention before the centennial event on the 4th August 2014 then you may require funding for the work. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) offer funding for the restoration and repair of World War One memorials, monuments and other artefacts for the centennial. The details can be found here on the HLF site with various options. .

Brodsworth Hall – English Heritage Statue Cleaning

Statue cleaning and conservation
English Heritage have recently held an event at one of their properties; Brodsworth Hall – Enchanted Gardens.  As part of the show and the exhibition of the splendid Victorian gardens some of the marble statues were sensitively cleaned and conserved by Inspire Conservation. The marble statues were cleaned and consolidated with St Astiers Lithomex repair mortar, NHL mortar and lime shelter coats.  The statues really set off the approach road to the house and are now set for .

Housesteads stones for English Heritage

Stone conservation
Housesteads is the best-known fort on Hadrian’s Wall and the most complete Roman fort in Britain, currently maintained by English Heritage.  Set where Hadrian’s Wall climbs to the top of a dramatic ridge, there are some stunning views to enjoy from the walls of this ancient fortress. Housesteads was one of the permanent forts added to the Wall around AD 124, as part of a second plan for the new frontier.  Known to the .

Liken for Lichen

Liken for Lichen Following our campaign for good ethical stone conservation we have republished our article from a few years ago concerning the removal of lichens from monuments.  This information can be used to assess whether it is necessary to remove growths from monuments and gauge the impact it will have on the stone and the legibility of inscriptions. New research is currently being undertaken and it is planned that we will be publishing .

Inspire Conservation – Stone Conservation services

Inspire Conservation offers services to the conservation profession and all those responsible for the care and maintenance of historic buildings, covering a variety of structures including scheduled ancient monuments and listed buildings. Accredited conservator Michael Sheppard is experienced in the conservation of stone, plasters, the use of lime and interior decorative schemes. Other traditional materials often found in historic structures are included for assessment and treatment. Practical conservation treatments and documentation services are available .
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