War memorial cleaning and repair for centennial celebrations


The WWI centennial celebrations will be upon us next year and it is only natural that there would be a influx of war memorials requiring repair and cleaning as parishes and custodians prepare ahead to the calendar event.  Inspire Conservation undertake numerous war memorial conservation programmes every year and we are known for our understanding of these unique monuments.  Ampthill town council have instructed us to conserve, clean and repair the monument including DOFF cleaning and poultice cleaning with Inspire Supply products.

The Portland stone memorial was constructed with a very dense cement mortar which has exacerbated the movement created by the soft soil that it is founded upon on the Marston ridge, Bedfordshire.  The monument was cleaned with the DOFF system which is a high pressure steam system and localised poultice cleaning to remove the copper salts and staining caused by the bronze plaques which have since been removed for conservation.  There were several stone indent repairs conducted under the architects instruction.  The whole monument was repointed in lime mortar and stone dusts.  The mortar of choice on this monument was the Ionic French lime mortar which performed very well considering the exposed position of the monument on the ridge.  The crucifix was removed and the bronze dowel replaced as there was considerable movement in the top section.

The monument is now complete and has been welcomed by the local community and the town council are pleased with the work that Inspire Conservation have completed.


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