War Memorial Cleaning

Inspire Conservation carry out war memorial cleaning and restoration services throughout the UK with appropriate conservative methods and materials.  This article is about a war memorial cleaning project undertaken in Welwyn, however please call us to discuss if you are looking to have a war memorial cleaned or restored on 01908 586661.

Welwyn War Memorial

It’s that time of year again when veterans, family members, parish councils and local communities remember the events of the last two World Wars. The memorials are usually central to the community in church yards or on the village green. It takes a lot of time and effort by the local PCC’s to organise and generate the funds to conserve the monuments and is a credit to the people for whom the memorial is designed.

We would like to share a few photographs of one of the few memorials that are being sensitively conserved by Inspire Conservation in time for November 13th.

Treatment to the Welwyn Church Street memorial includes stone cleaning, lime mortar pointing and bronze cleaning and patination.

The client was pleased with the works and provided us with this testimonial:

“Following a tendering process Inspire Conservation were employed by Welwyn Parish Council to renovate the Digswell War Memorial and the Church Street War Memorial, both of which are focal points for the community of Welwyn and Digswell,  and were in need of urgent attention to bring both memorials back to their former glory.

Inspire Conservation conducted the work in a very professional manner, ensuring traffic flow and the community were not disturbed by this process.  The work was completed in time for the November Remembrance Ceremonies, to a very high standard.  The Council would have no hesitation in recommending Inspire Conservation to other Council’s and local communities.”


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