War memorial specialist working in the Cotswold Water Park


Ashton Keynes is in the middle of the Cotswold water park, an area of natural beauty and outstanding national heritage.  The water parks are disused aggregate quarries which are now a local attraction for wildlife and water sports.  The war memorial in Ashton Keynes was in a poor state of repair and following a report issued by Odgers Conservation Consultants for English Heritage, Inspire Conservation were instructed to undertake the careful cleaning and repair of this memorial.

The cross is a 14th century cross taken from its earlier location in the village and rededicated as a war memorial in its current position fixed to the stone steps in 1917.  The cross and base were in good condition but the steps had deteriorated significantly and due to heavy cement use and poor maintenance the structure was in need of consolidating and re-pointing.  The monument was cleaned with the DOFF steam system and consolidated with lime grouts in Ionic NHL 3.5 lime mortar and soft sands.  The joints were all pointed with a stone dust, soft/sharp aggregate and Ionic NHL 3.5 mortar which matched very well and is now holding the water and decay at bay.

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