Wittersham war memorial cleaning and conservation


Inspire Conservation clean and conserve numerous war memorials nationwide and this example proves how far we work for these important structures.  We realise the importance of these monuments to the local communities and will go the extra mile to ensure that they are sensitively and effective conserved, especially in time for Armistice day.  Our offices in Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire help us serve the whole of the UK for our monument and statue conservation works.

Wittersham is on the Isle of Oxney which was once an isolated Isle in the Kent area but has since become more accessible.  You can still circumnavigate the isle by boat on the river that separates it from the main land.  The memorial is a brilliant design and sculpted by Sir George Frampton including a crown and orb on cushion with tassels.  The monument is in great condition but required a DOFF clean and some localised lime mortar repairs.  The local residence were very happy with the work that Michael Sheppard undertook on the monument and are pleased that it was all complete in time for November 11th.

The parish council also qualified for one of our offers which was a free conservation report which would have ordinarily costed £200.00.  This was obviously a great help to them and will assist whoever completes the next cleaning programme in the next few decades.

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